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Carlisle Welcome's New Junior Member

Friday, December 12, 2014  The Officers and Members of the Carlisle Fire Company take this opportunity to welcome Thomas Eisenbrey into our Department.Thomas continues his family legacy as a Carlisle Volunteer like his father and Grandfather.

Thomas has begun fulfilling his requirements as a Junior Firefighter. Congratulations and the best of luck with your career in Carlisle.


This Day in Carlisle History

Monday, December 8, 2014 

On this date in 1939, seven fire companies were summoned in order to control a fire which spread through J.C Penney Co., W.T.Grants,  Coopersmith Dress Shop and Coopersmith factory. Also badly damaged was an adjoining building housing the Odd Fellows Temple, Harry Ennis Shoe Repair, George J. Still’s restaurant and an apartment.


 The fire is believed to have begun in the rear of J.C Penney’s spreading rapidly through the store that was heavily stocked with Christmas merchandise. During the five hour battle, several firemen narrowly escaped as the flames came dangerously close to them. Fireman Ed Evans suffered a wrenched back when he had to jump from the building’s roof. Several others used a hose line on the other side of the structure, were trapped and force to jump to the ground. The fire alarm was first sounded by Fred Guyer.


Source: Milford Chronicle, December 8, 1939

Photo: Carlisle Archives


Carlisle holds Annual Elections

Friday, December 5, 2014  Last evening the Carlisle Fire Company held their annual elections choosing the officers for 2015. Below are the officers selected by the membership:

President – Glenn Gillespie

Vice President – Ryan Knowles

Fire Chief – Duane Fox Jr

Secretary – Austin Gardner- Bowler

Treasurer – Charles Coverdale

Chief Engineer – Dorian Klaus

Ambulance Captain – Kevin Donovan

Director 1 – Wayne Whitney

Director 2 – Shawn Hinton

Director 3 – Harry Makhtany

Building Superintendent – Joe Morris

Fire Recorder – Lester Guyer

Best wishes to all of you with having a successful and prosperous 2015 in leading Carlisle!


Carlisle Host Annual Fire Prevention Awards Ceremony

Friday, December 5, 2014  On Sunday, November 23rd, Carlisle held their Annual Fire Prevention Poster & Essay Awards ceremony recognizing the winners throughout the Milford School District in Grier Hall. Students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade participated in the annual event resulting from tough decisions made by the Fire Prevention Committee on the finalist. Those finalists that finished in 1st place will be submitted to the Kent County Fire Prevention Committee to determine winners Countywide involving seven school districts. Congratulations to all the winners this year and good luck to those selected for the County competition. 

Thanks to Carlisle’s Fire Prevention Committee for another job well done, and a special thanks to Chief Fox, President Sharp and Vice President Gillespie for their participation in this year’s ceremonies.



This Day in Carlisle History

Friday, December 5, 2014  On this day in 1917 while on leave, Army 1st Lt. Paris T. Carlisle, III, was met by members of the Milford Fire Company and was shown the new fire truck the Company had purchased. He was killed less than a year later in France.

Source: Delaware Archives



When Milford became a Town

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 

On this date in 1787, Joseph Oliver and the Reverend Sydenham Thorne founded the town of Milford on the north side of the Mispillion River in Kent County. The photo to the left is the original home of the Reverend Thorne which stands today and is commonly referred to as the "Thorne Mansion".

Photos From: City of Milford Website



This Day in Carlisle History

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 

On this date in 1961, New Castle, Kent and Sussex County Fire Police Associations met at the Carlisle Fire Company and organized a State Association to be known as the “Delaware State Fire Police Association. During the meeting the three (3) Counties presented the “By-Laws and adopted them for the State Organization. At this meeting Vail Johnson from Carlisle was elected as the “First” President of the State Fire Police Association.


A Step Back in Time

Friday, November 21, 2014 

Recently Past Chief Bill Carpenter found several photo’s at his business of the first motorized piece of equipment purchased by the Fire Company. One unique feature on these photos is the photo on the left was taken shortly after delivery of the truck and the members proudly wearing their new uniforms, circa 1916. The photo on the right was taken in front of the LD Caulk Plant on Lakeview Avenue following the name change of the Department from Milford to Carlisle, circa 1918-19. When looking at these photos you immediately notice how the members and the community had and showed a real sense of pride and ownership about their organization, their equipment and about themselves. Thanks again to Past Chief Carpenter for sharing these treasured memories of our Carlisle.



This Day in Carlisle History

Friday, October 24, 2014  On this day in 1993 the Carlisle Fire Company hosted the housing to a new ladder truck replacing the first Aerial Truck purchased in 1957. The new aerial truck to be forever known as Ladder 42 was a 110’ Simon-LTI Aerial powered by a Detroit 8V92 Engine with an Allison Automatic Transmission. Ladder 42 has an Eight Man Cab with a variety of specialized equipment including bailout bag with 50 Ft of rope a “Litter” type Stokes Basket, Positive Pressure Exhaust fan, Smoke Ejector exhaust fan, Rabbit Tool, Stihl K-12 Saw, Echo Quick Vent Saw, 24ft, 35ft Extension Ladders and 150ft High Rise Pack. Over the years additional equipment has been placed on Ladder 42 that included Hurst vehicle extrication equipment to assist in vehicle or structural extrication operations. 


In the 37 year history of our original ladder truck   responded on many historical fires including downtown Milford (1960) Scotts Moving and Storage, Milford Packing Co, Torches Cannery, Draper Food, Frederica Elementary School, Sussex Poultry, Burris Foods, Sea Watch International and many others.

The members appointed to the ‘New Truck committee included: Marvin Sharp, John McKenzie, Marvin Hitch, Wayne Hill, Tom Collins, Richard Gilewski, Mark Deeney, Greg Rogers and Barry Fry.




Wednesday, October 22, 2014  On Friday, October 10, 2014, several officers and members from the Carlisle Fire Company assisted Perdue (Milford, DE) with the cooking of chicken and serving of their employees during their Annual Diversity Day. Throughout the event, the officers and members of the CFC managed to serve over 800 employees and developed many more working relationships with the Perdue administration and personnel. The Carlisle Fire Company wants to thank Perdue for their continued support they show to the Carlisle Fire Company and those within the Milford community.


Article & Photos By: B. Fountain



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