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Annual Craft Show

Sunday, November 30, 2014 


Happy Thanksgiving

The Officers and Members of the Carlisle Fire Company and Ladies Auxiliary would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


This Day in Carlisle History

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 

On this date in 1961, New Castle, Kent and Sussex County Fire Police Associations met at the Carlisle Fire Company and organized a State Association to be known as the “Delaware State Fire Police Association. During the meeting the three (3) Counties presented the “By-Laws and adopted them for the State Organization. At this meeting Vail Johnson from Carlisle was elected as the “First” President of the State Fire Police Association.


A Step Back in Time

Friday, November 21, 2014 

Recently Past Chief Bill Carpenter found several photo’s at his business of the first motorized piece of equipment purchased by the Fire Company. One unique feature on these photos is the photo on the left was taken shortly after delivery of the truck and the members proudly wearing their new uniforms, circa 1916. The photo on the right was taken in front of the LD Caulk Plant on Lakeview Avenue following the name change of the Department from Milford to Carlisle, circa 1918-19. When looking at these photos you immediately notice how the members and the community had and showed a real sense of pride and ownership about their organization, their equipment and about themselves. Thanks again to Past Chief Carpenter for sharing these treasured memories of our Carlisle.



This Day in Carlisle History

Friday, October 24, 2014  On this day in 1993 the Carlisle Fire Company hosted the housing to a new ladder truck replacing the first Aerial Truck purchased in 1957. The new aerial truck to be forever known as Ladder 42 was a 110’ Simon-LTI Aerial powered by a Detroit 8V92 Engine with an Allison Automatic Transmission. Ladder 42 has an Eight Man Cab with a variety of specialized equipment including bailout bag with 50 Ft of rope a “Litter” type Stokes Basket, Positive Pressure Exhaust fan, Smoke Ejector exhaust fan, Rabbit Tool, Stihl K-12 Saw, Echo Quick Vent Saw, 24ft, 35ft Extension Ladders and 150ft High Rise Pack. Over the years additional equipment has been placed on Ladder 42 that included Hurst vehicle extrication equipment to assist in vehicle or structural extrication operations. 


In the 37 year history of our original ladder truck   responded on many historical fires including downtown Milford (1960) Scotts Moving and Storage, Milford Packing Co, Torches Cannery, Draper Food, Frederica Elementary School, Sussex Poultry, Burris Foods, Sea Watch International and many others.

The members appointed to the ‘New Truck committee included: Marvin Sharp, John McKenzie, Marvin Hitch, Wayne Hill, Tom Collins, Richard Gilewski, Mark Deeney, Greg Rogers and Barry Fry.




Wednesday, October 22, 2014  On Friday, October 10, 2014, several officers and members from the Carlisle Fire Company assisted Perdue (Milford, DE) with the cooking of chicken and serving of their employees during their Annual Diversity Day. Throughout the event, the officers and members of the CFC managed to serve over 800 employees and developed many more working relationships with the Perdue administration and personnel. The Carlisle Fire Company wants to thank Perdue for their continued support they show to the Carlisle Fire Company and those within the Milford community.


Article & Photos By: B. Fountain



Carlisle Holds Open House

Sunday, October 12, 2014  Earlier today Carlisle hosted their Annual Fire Prevention/Open House to the general public. In addition to Carlisle show casing the fleet a variety of local, regional and state agencies were on hand to provide information and equipment on the services they provide. Throughout the event members demonstrated various skills set’s including a full scale exercise demonstrating their skills and tools utilized involving vehicle extrication in a motor vehicle crash (MVC).  The weather was great the crowd was plentiful resulting in another successful program.

Special thanks to the following agencies and organizations for their participation; Delaware State Fire School, Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office, Delaware Department of Agriculture, Forestry Division, Kent County Special Operations Unit, Sussex County Emergency Operations Center, Sussex County Emergency Medical Services, South Bowers Fire Company and Milford Police Department. A special thanks to I.G. Burton Transportation for their contributions on the day’s activities. The day would not have been made possible without the assistance of the Fire Prevention/Open House Committee, the Officers and Members of Carlisle and the members of Carlisle’s Ladies Auxiliary.



Carlisle Dedicates Five Pieces In Honor Of Members

Sunday, October 12, 2014  Following the Fire Prevention and Open House activities Officers and Members of Carlisle along with members of the Ladies Auxiliary assembled in the front of the firehouse to begin a time honored tradition in Carlisle with the ceremonial housing of the newest truck in our fleet Engine 42-3. The tradition of Housing Apparatus in Milford began in July of 1916, when the first motorized piece of apparatus was delivered on a flatbed train. The truck was a 1916 American LaFrance pumper following delivery; the truck was housed with appropriate ceremonies in the building then occupied by the city offices. There was an Open House party; a parade with all the fanfare followed up with all the firemen attended church services in their uniforms.


In addition to the housing of Engine 3, the membership decided to take the opportunity with dedicating specific apparatus within the fleet to members still with us as well as memorializing those posthumously. Below are the units as well as those members past & present recognized:


Engine 42-3, dedicated to Past Chief Engineer, Past Chief, Past President, Chief Emeritus and Life Member; Marvin B. Hitch


Engine 42-5, dedicated posthumously in memory of Past Chief Engineer, Past Chief and Life Member ;Wayne L. Hill.


Tanker 42-6, dedicated posthumously in memory of Past President, Chief Emeritus and Life Member; Donald M. Evans.


Rescue 42, dedicated to Past President, Life Member, Barry Fry and Past President, Life Member and Chief Emeritus, James Abbott and dedicated posthumously in memory of Past Chief and Life Member William Chandler and Past Fire Captain and Life Member Kenneth Fountain.


Traffic Control 42, dedicated posthumously in memory of Life Member and Fire Police Association President Emeritus, Vail Johnson and Honorary Life Member Joseph Griffith.


In attendance at the ceremonies included family members and survivors to those members recognized and dedicated for their many years of dedication to Carlisle and their numerous contributions to our community.



MVC Into Structure Multiple Injuries

Friday, October 10, 2014 

On Friday, October 10, 2014 at approximately 1330hrs. the Carlisle Fire Company was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident in the area of 115 N.E. Front Street, Milford, DE. Command 42 responded with Asst. Chief Brennon Fountain and while enroute was advised that the MVC involved a single vehicle that was possibly into the structure at the Rite Aid with four possible injured subjects. Upon arrival of Command 42, Asst. Chief Fountain confirmed the report of Kent Center and began to investigate. Both ambulances A and B 42 responded to the scene with paid personnel and were advised to pull passed the structure and send their EMS crews inside to assist with patient care. EMS crews advised Command 42 that the report of four patients was confirmed and additional BLS units would be needed to the scene. Rescue 42 responded under the direction of LT. Kevin Donovan and was advised to hold short of the scene and have their manpower assist the EMS crews with patient care. Engine 42-5 responded with FF Vada Sample and was advised to stage behind Rescue 42 and to assist Rescue 42's crew with patient care inside the structure. Due to the structural damage, Command 42 advised Kent Center to place the Kent County Special Operations Team on notice and start the City of Milford Building Inspector Priority One. Ambulances A-52 and B-75 arrived on scene and were advised to stage until both A and B-42 had loaded their patients. Command 42 requested an engine (52) and ambulance (89) coverup assignment until all 42 units could clear the scene. Moments into the scene, the City of Milford Building Inspector arrived on scene and confirmed that the building was structurally sound and did not require any additional shoring. Upon moving the vehicle from the structure, crews observed fluids leaking from the vehicle and a line was pulled for safety precautions from Engine 42-5 until the vehicle was secured on the two truck. The scene was placed under control at 1412hrs. BLS units transported a total of four patients (two MMH, one KGH, one BMC)

Units on Scene: Command 42, Rescue 42, Engine 42-5, A-42, B-42, A-52, B-75, Traffic Control 42, Milford PD, City of Milford Inspector

Standby at Station 42: Engine 52-5, A-89



This Day in Carlisle History

Monday, October 6, 2014  On this date October 6, 1918 Army Lt. Paris T. Carlisle, IV, a decorated and respected soldier, was killed in action while serving his Country during World War I. Lt. Carlisle was killed near the "Meuse River" in France. Born in 1893, was a Milford resident, and became a member of the Milford Fire Company on October 7, 1915. Although his service with the company was brief, the impressions he left with his fellow comrades were nonetheless strong. We are limited in the details of his background, it is possible to get a glimpse as to what the man was like, by reading the minutes of the December 5, 1918 regular meeting.


“Whereas the members of the Milford Fire Company have learned with deep sorrow of the death of their member Paris T. Carlisle IV on the battle fields of France on October 6, 1918. Therefore be it resolved that the Milford Fire Company desires to testify to its sincere regard to his sterling qualities as a man and to express its deep appreciation of his valued services to this company his association with which dated from October 7, 1915 to October 6, 1918. During this time he held the offices of Vice President, Recording Secretary and First Assistant Engineer, respectively. In the performance of all duties pertaining to the offices which he held with the Milford Fire Company he showed at all times, an unfailing devotion and deep interest in the Company welfare. His loss is deeply felt by all his fellow members, who had looked with pleasurable anticipation to the time when he should return and take up his old duties.”


At the same meeting:


“President Varney in a few well chosen remarks from the floor suggested the name of the Milford Fire Company be changed to that of “The Carlisle Hose Company” in commemoration of Paris T. Carlisle. Mr. James Pierce made a motion that the name be changed. Mr. Lindale seconded the motion. Mr. Holzmueller asked permission to amend the motion to read “The Carlisle Fire Company.” Motion carried unanimously. Secretary instructed to take up matter with Secretary of State.


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